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We’ve got a couple of stunning wines to recommend this month; a Chilean red with smooth and delicate flavours, and a white from France to delight Sauvignon fans.

Pinot Noir, Reserve, Nostros  wines of the month july2

Grown in Chile’s Casablanca Valley, the climate in this valley can be described as cool Mediterranean. Its closeness to the ocean tempers its climate and winters tend to be mild.

The vineyards are planted on the flatter plains and on the gentle slopes of the Casablanca valley. Generally, the soil is of relatively poor quality with low fertility, and therefore good for growing wine grapes.

Soft, light red wine with mature red fruit, cherries, violet flowers and extremely delicate smoky nuances. Subtle, elegant and refined, its light tannins allow the fruit to dominate and its refreshing, persistent, delicate flavours to shine.

Viognier, Domaine de Brescou, Cotes de Thongue

The wine has just enough texture going on and the alcohol is kept on a short leash. It’s not an overly¬†complex or depth, drink it up on its own or with simply grilled fish. You will have a lot of pleasure from it.

A wonderfully aromatic grape, Viognier has notes of apricots and stone fruits. Sauvignon Blanc drinkers looking for a change will be pleasantly surprised by it.

An easy-drinking Viognier with lots of juicy peach and apricot in the front. There is a touch of ginger and gentle floral note.

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